Property in Lahore

Fastest Growing City in South Asia

Lahore is fast becoming the choice of living and destination of leading businesses; hence the migration rate from the rural areas to city has gradually increased in last two decades. People migrate from rural areas surrounding Lahore and smaller cities to elevate their standard of living, in search of better financial growth and to explore career opportunities and educational resources. This massive migration has caused a booming effect on property business in Lahore where migrated segment of population search for homes and other residential and commercial property to settle down in the city as their first priority. To meet the need of ever increasing housing demands, Lahore is expanding to accommodate new housing schemes. These residential schemes are being built keeping the low cost housing in focus which is in highly demand these days.

Lahore’s housing market mixes old and new, from hip apartments to colonial homes The capital city of Lahore city such as DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Johar Town, Jail Road, M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg Lahore is a major hub for investment and home to approximately half the city's population. It is a relatively modern city where investors can find a variety of residential facilities to choose from, from elegant apartments to old colonial homes. Lahore is only a three-hour ferry ride from Real Estate Islamabad, Property in Faisalabad, and Real Estate Rawalpindi, Real Estate Sialkot. The city of Sialkot, on Pakistan's southern border, has also attracted a large amount of foreign investment. The city is considered by some to be a playground for the rich

Choice Business Destination

A significant number of local as well as international companies particularly that are looking to relocate their operations offshore choose Lahore. The ready availability of skilled professionals, an appropriate technical infrastructure, and affordable labor rates, result in considerable time and cost savings to entrepreneurs. This business growth resulted in making Lahore a good market for commercial property business where a number of commercial property projects like Sundas Industrial Estate, IT Tower and others are already under development to accommodate these businesses. Lahore is also a hub of industrial businesses in Punjab. Government of Punjab took an initiative of establishing Sundas Industrial Estate dedicated only for industrial businesses on very nominal rates.

Investment Opportunity in Real-estate Sector

The massive growth in business and population has also made Lahore a choice investment destination among real-estate concerns worldwide. Companies involved in world’s biggest real-estate ventures are looking towards Lahore as a hub of investment opportunities in real-estate sector and companies like Emaar, BetterHomes, Alghurair, Tamimi Group, The Meinhardt Group have already had their presence in the city, have invested in different real-estate mega projects ranging from shopping malls, residential housing schemes to seven starts hotels and golf clubs. This increasing investment trend can be seen from the ads posted on property portals like Bastee.pk.

Lahore real estate market offers special advantages in terms of the city's social and economic structure. According to real-estate news on Bastee.pk, "Lahore is the safest city, has the least economic disparity, and the most highly educated population in Lahore".

"It is the second least corrupt city in Asia, behind Islamabad; [it also] has good health care, and is one of the most affordable places in the world to live."

Cultural Diversity in Living

Being a multicultural and future metropolitan city, residents of Lahore has developed diverse cultural taste in their livelihood and this reflects in their choice of home construction and architecture preferences. This has encouraged real-estate developers to introduce the living styles adopted from other countries. Now you can find housing schemes in Lahore that offer Greek, French, Italian style houses.

" Real Estate Lahore is the continent's favorite New Year's spot for the world's most affluent and influential leisure travelers,"

The city of Lahore awaits significant advancements in infrastructure in Real Estate Lahore or Property Lahore, providing investors with opportunities to buy property i.e. plots, houses, industrial units or manufacturing firms, or even a rental property in almost any price range.


The competition in real-estate market and awareness about living conditions brought a good trend of completing the basic infrastructure, e.g. sewerage, sanitation, drainage and electricity and parks in the housing societies even before they are announced to public. Housing societies such as Sukh Chayen Gardens and Lake City even tried to preserve the environment by keeping the vegetation, natural scenery and habitat of the land they acquired intact. This is a good trend which indicates we are giving importance to green living.
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