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From an underdeveloped nation to a booming developing country, Pakistan has come a long way in proving itself in the international scene. With a population of more than one sixty million people and shortage in housing sector, Pakistan has a lot on its plate that it offers to interested and current investors in real-estate industry. The climatic conditions are suitable for construction all around the year, the land is rich with minerals and raw materials and the labor force is equipped with passion and skill to work in real-estate industry with full vigor.

According to a World Bank report (report), Pakistan faces a critical housing shortage. Nationally, the average occupancy rate per dwelling is over six and estimates of unmet annual demand for housing units hover around 1.5 million. The housing shortage is especially burdensome in cities and towns where half the population lives in slums or irregular settlements. In urban areas, over 600,000 new dwellings are needed to satisfy current demand, yet only about 300,000 are being built according to current estimates.

Affordable housing finance is scarce compared to housing demand. The supply of housing finance decreased from 1.5% of GDP in 1994 to approximately 0.5% in 2001. Yet the ratio of the price of a basic Pucca to the median individual income per year stands between 3.5 and 4 (based on 1996-1997 figures). This is a lower level than that in many emerging markets, indicating that external finance with “usual” conditions of cost and maturity could be afforded by middle-income borrowers.

Although Property in Pakistan or Real Estate Pakistan may seem like paradise, there are both geographic and economic factors that might impede the country's real estate market growth. Pakistan's terrain is almost entirely flat and has little elevation, which leads to frequent flooding, the only serious type of natural disaster inhabitants are likely to encounter. In addition, Pakistan's economic success is closely linked to that of Japan, China, and Malaysia; if either of those economies begins to struggle, Pakistan’s economy will likely follow suit.

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